TI-T1.1: AAI access RF

Title: Technical Discussion workshop on AAI for GOSC

Data/Time: 9:30-11:30 European Central Summer Time, 31 March, Thursday

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Meeting ID: 824 8602 9162
Passcode: 184493

Description: Authentication & Authorisation Infrastructure enabling secure access to e-Infrastructures. A fully connected Global Open Science Cloud would nee scalable and interoperable AAIs across e-infrastructures and scientific communities. In order to understand the AAI development landscape from different countries/regions, we organise this workshop and invite AAI experts from Europe and China to introduce their development, and to discuss the integration solution.


Dr Nicolas Liampotis is an AAI Research Engineer, at GRNET - Greek Research and Technology Network. He has participated in numerous national (funded by various public organisations, as well as private companies) and international (EU-funded) research and development projects (Tequila, Daidalos II, PERSIST, SOCIETIES, ECONET, VI-SEEM, EGI-Engage, EUDAT2020, MAGIC, AENEAS, AARC2, SeaDataCloud, EOSC-hub, NI4OS-Europe). His role in these projects was that of an architecture designer, technical contributor, and software engineer, focusing on the design, development, evaluation, and optimization of solutions for trust management, privacy protection and federated access in distributed infrastructures. He is currently working at GRNET as a Trust & Identity engineer and is leading the development of the EGI Check-in Authentication & Authorisation Infrastructure service that enables access to research data and services provided across the infrastructures participating in EOSC-hub. He is also involved in the architecture working group within the AARC Engagement Group for Infrastructures (AEGIS), which brings together representatives from research and e-infrastructures, operators of AAI services for a more effective uptake of AAI recommendations in their federated access solutions.

Prof Jianhui Li is the director of Science and Technology Cloud Department at the Computer Network information Center (CNIC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and a Professor at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS). He obtained PhD on computer science from the Institute of Computing Technology of CAS in 2007. In 2016, He founded “China Scientific data”, which is the first open access data journal for scientific data publication in China. Currently, he is leading the design, development and operation of CSTCloud (China Science and Technology Cloud), which is the national level open science platform. He also serves as the CODATA vice president.


30' AAI Model and Standard in Europe, Presentation +Q&A, Nicolas Liampotis, GRNET, Europe

30' AAI Model and Standard in China, Presentation + Q&A, Jianhui Li, CNIC, China

60' Technical discussion